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Debate Club

"Tis thou shall behold, as thy vision never bestowed such divine e'stadeo. No man nor demon be thy blessed to shed Lord's own verse. Embrace me ceaser for I not know why thou verse recite the tail of his own greatness and love for thy subjects."

These are the words that were showered upon the great ceaser after his great coronation speech by his friend Mark Antony. For any man these words are just lines drawn on papers to showcase their affection for literature and language but for a law student these words behold a great sense of pride as these words celebrate the greatest weapon of human nature. Debating is the best meditation one can ever experience. The storming of the brain, building of the ideas and constructing the trails of character and showcasing it with a fine style of argumentation and confidence

Faculty in charge Prof. Anshuman Singh, The TNNLS debate club came into existence. The unico purpose of this club is to celebrate and extol the debating culture and talent in TNNLS and to give the students a wee platform to show others and themselves what emotions, intellect and abilities these young burning minds behold. The club has taken some few but firm steps to encourage the rage of debating in the hearts of students by organizing formal as well as informal debates every week that are distinct by their structure and style like Asian and British parliamentary debates, open house discussions and many more styles are yet to be adopted.

Selected Members:
4th Year: Trisha Lesley, Chaitanya Tejas Yerraguntla
1st Year: Nilanjan Kolay, Bijaharini, Aishwarya. V
Existing Members:
2nd Year: Sirat Sapra
4th Year: Raghav Rajeev
3rd Year: S.S.L.V. Prasad